Welcome to the new social network OUTtogether/SamenUITagenda. This new online platform is for everyone in Eindhoven! Young, old, international, groups or organisations. Through this platform you can easily meet new people and do exciting things. Think of jointly going to a performance, cooking together, making music together or practicing for the marathon. Everything is possible!!

Choose which activities you want to do and ask others to join you. You can think of a board game night or a weekly walk, a pub crawl or going to the gym together, visiting an interesting lecture in the library together or go to a concert in Muziekgebouw. Just use your imagination! All visitors to the site can register for the calls you made. So it is always a nice surprise who is going!

Why a kick-off meeting?
First steps are the hardest and we realise that not everyone will just start creating calls. That is why we are organising kick-off meetings for interested people. The first meetings took place at Natlab and Parktheater (17 December, 21 March). The next kick-off meeting will be on Friday 28 June 2019 at Eindhoven Library. In addition to explaining how it works, getting acquainted with the OUTtogether/SamenUIT initiative we will immediately start working on the first calls.

Placing calls is free. Do you want to do something, but you don’t know what? Our cultural partners have a selection of events to choose from. You can create your call next to the event. Sometimes you get free access, a free cup of coffee, etc. We do everything to make it even more fun for you! You and your (newly made) friends just have fun!

OUTtogether/SamenUIT events
Oh yes, we will also organise our own OUTtogether/SamenUIT events. Everyone is welcome. Of course, connecting and enjoying is the most important thing here too. Read more about our first events here!

Our partners in Eindhoven
Het Parktheater, The Student Hotel, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, Natlab, Popei, Van Abbemuseum, Bibliotheek Eindhoven, Vitalis WoonZorg Groep, SintLucas, Rabobank Eindhoven/Veldhoven, UIT in Eindhoven, Eindhoven News  amongst others

Where: Eindhoven Library - de Witte Dame - Emmasingel 22 -5611 AZ Eindhoven

When: Fri 28 June 2019, 18.30 

Dinner Tickets HERE

Are you joining only for the information, then You can join at 19.30 hrs. Fill in your name and email in the fields below so that we know you are coming (free entrance)


18.30 Start dinner - Heleen starts cooking, and she is preparing Indonesian cuisine, also suitable for vegetarians.
19.30 End of dinner - information session about connecting with others through the OUTtogether/SamenUIT initiative.


Find or place calls at the best OUTtogether events of our partners!